Workshop Descriptions

K8 Integrated Computer Science (new-to-CS teachers)

WHO: Any K8 educator who is new or newer to teaching computer science

The K8 Integrated Computer Science professional development will allow educators to expand their understanding of computer science and computational thinking. Specifically, the PD will seek to build agency within educators to integrate computer science and computational thinking in their classrooms. In addition, the PD will aim to increase pedagogical content knowledge by addressing issues of equity in CS and demonstrating effective CS teaching. Lastly, this PD will provide teachers with the skills to include and engage all students in computer science by utilizing culturally responsive-sustaining pedagogy and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles. Lessons in various grade bands and subject areas will be available for educators. Educators will also have the opportunity to customize and create their own lessons.  

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Scratch Encore (middle school CS teachers)

WHO: ideal for middle school CS courses or teachers in upper elementary that have students who have learned introductory programming

Scratch Encore is an intermediate Scratch curriculum targeting upper elementary and middle school grades. It is organized into 15 modules, of 2-3 lessons each, to be completed across multiple school years. Modules build on the skills of previous modules, so they must be completed in order. Each module utilizes Use->Modify->Create pedagogy to develop knowledge of that concept. Use->Modify lessons utilize TIPP&SEE, a new learning strategy helping students to navigate the Scratch interface while learning from example projects. Learn more about Scratch Encore curriculum here.

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Big Book of Computing Pedagogy (some experience with teaching CS)

WHO: K-8 teachers who have had some experience teaching CS, but are looking to deepen their knowledge of CS content and pedagogy)

In this session, participants will explore deeper concepts in a variety of  areas in computing including computing focused pedagogical principles from the Big Book of Computing Pedagogy. Throughout the workshop participants will consider skills progression, platform-agnostic approaches and how to support and challenge learners. There will also be opportunities for participants to learn how to enrich your curriculum further through clubs, showcases and computing challenges. 

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